How Long does the building process take?

While many factors influence the building time line, including design parameters, homeowner associations and inspections, the average timeframe is 6-10 months.

How will we be billed?

As a cost plus builder, DaVinci Homes submits monthly invoices for the work performed for the previous month along with the builder fee. All invoices for labor and material are included in the monthly progress building.

Is it expensive to make changes to the plan after the start date?

It is always better to make any major changes to the plan priorate the start date; however, DaVinci Homes will work with you to ensure that any changes are incorporated with the least financial impact possible.

Why should i choose Davinci homes?

When you hire DaVinci Homes you get a builder that personally manages the job site virtually ever day during construction to ensure quality and your desires are met.